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Some missing imports[cagna]

Salutammo Jon!

As promised, here a list of book to import from mul.source that are still missing. What I've noticed is that you've noticed it's that you've imported all the indexes and the pages, but some ns0 pages are still missing.

If you check the difference between the two Main pages, you'll see that in the list of books there are red links that are blue in mul.source

E.g. Poesie_motti_e_pensieri. I realise that there NS0 pages aren't in any specific "nap" category, they are just linked to Neapolian indexes. If there is an easy way to mass import them, it's cool. Otherwise I can do that page by page in the next days.

Thanks for your kindness! --Ruthven (msg) 10:29, 19 aus 2019 (CEST)

@Ruthven: As far as I can tell, I have now imported all nap-related talk pages (see note at the bottom of Wikisource:Porta d''a cummunetà), and the missing mainspace pages that were linked from Paggena prencepale. If you find any more that need to be imported, you are already aware of how to do them yourself via Special:Import (just remember: check the box for "Assegna le modifiche agli utenti locali qualora l'utente indicato esista localmente", and never ever the box for "Include tutt' 'e template", as you are already aware 😉). Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you! Jon Harald Søby (chiacchiere) 11:04, 20 aus 2019 (CEST)

Importing from it.source[cagna]

Hey! How you're doing?

There are some mass import to perform from it.source, that hosted some Neapolitan texts.

To start, there is Canzone e Ariette nove (ns0, ns1, ns108, ns109, ns110, ns111, when existing). But if you feel eager to perform this work, there is a whole category awaiting you: Categoria:Pagine_da_trasferire_su_napwikisource. Cheers --Ruthven (msg) 16:58, 20 nuv 2019 (CET)

@Ruthven: Sure! But just this last hour, four new wikis have been created, so I want to focus on importing those first so they can get started. Please remind me again in a couple of days in case I forget. :-) Jon Harald Søby (chiacchiere) 00:11, 21 nuv 2019 (CET)
So, solving this bug in order to create nap.wiki this summer just gave you more work... Better think twice next time ;) Wish you luck with everything! --Ruthven (msg) 10:08, 21 nuv 2019 (CET)
A gentle reminder :) Cheers! --Ruthven (msg) 10:04, 21 dic 2019 (CET)